Finally the railing is inside


OMG, I've been waiting for this since so many days.

Today was also another day, when the fabricator promised to deliver the railing. I went there at 3:30 in another hope. And, to see rest of the work going on in the flat.

The work was going in full swing, it is just that the whole house is in mess. Its all dirty, thanks to our contractor.

My eyes were all on the main gate, continuously searching for the railing. In few minutes, I saw lot of guards were looking at our flat. I was afraid, as what if they will again ask for FMG. I prayed so much at that time. I could see the guy was waiting for guards to give them clearance. I could see, the main guard talking to someone on phone. I was really afraid what if he will not allow now. I could see, he is shaking his head. May be on our railing, or on something else.

After about 5 mins, one of labour went down. The guy must have called him to come down. I was just continuously praying. I was watching the whole scene closely.

Fially, I could see the two labourers lifted the railing and entered in the premise. Oh, I was relaxed. Untill the railing could enter in the flat, I was in so much tension.

When it entered our flat. It was like, something precious thing coming. I wanted to touch it. 

Now, its all settled. But, now I'm worried about the installation. I hope they will not put any more issues in that.

I have to get premission for welding work tomorrow.

Lets see. Hope for the best.



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