About Life-in-Text

Life in Text,is writing about your life, your moments.

Life is full of memories, either good or bad. As you grow old, you tend to forget your great moments. You only remember the highlight of that memory. But, you can keep that memory alive by writing down each and every detail of that moment.

When you read your moments 20 years down the line, you will definitely feel good. It would rather be emotional. There are scientific benefits of writing about your daily life.

What Can You Write?

Here, in Life-in-Text, We encourage people to write about their lives, about people who touched their lives. There can be many examples:

  • Daily journal (you can literally write day to day life. Can be interesting or boring, doesn't matter)
  • How did you get your first job?
  • Struggle you faced which you never shared
  • Your Crush
  • About your teacher
  • How you started enjoying music?
  • Secrets
  • Your first love
  • Your childhood memories
  • When you didn't had money
  • How you spent my holidays
  • Your disturbed childhood
  • Story of your breakup
  • Days with your street friend

This is a place where people can write about their personal lives. And, keep their memories alive forever. This portal will be full of personal stories contributed by users.

People can add their photos, write almost anything.


Whatever you write, your name will appear as the author of that post. Note: There can be many things where you don't want your name to appear. There, you will have the option to keep the post anonymous. You can even make that post private. Private post means, nobody will be able to read this post except you.

Most importantly, this website will be free to use forever. You would be given an option to download your data entirely.