Parents went back. Overall a nice memory


My parents were here for a quick visit. They stayed here for around 10 days. They went back today.

They booked a bla-bla car, which is really a fantastic service. He was so confused on picking up which timing. I had to leave my running meeting in the middle to drop them. But, its ok.

Papa badly wanted both the kids to drop them. The time for the car was: 5:20 PM. Bhavika was sleeping. Papa went in the room and said something to Bhavika to which she wake up. But she slept soon.

So, when we were standing in front of the lift, I was almost iside the lift. I heared Bhavika's cry. I went inside, and took her with us as well. Papa was happy. Kanika was not :)

So, we reached there, and dropped them. Bhavika started crying, seeing her grand parents were going. All right. Bhavika cried 3-4 times while returning as well. She said cutely: "My Amma, My Baba ji".

I asked Daksh, aren't you feeling sad. He said, OK-OK. He never expressed himself. He really loves their company. Last. time, he cried badly. I haven't seen him lately cried for someone.

It was a good memory with them.