I got quarterly Feedback - Checkin with Suman


It was my quarterly feedback from Suman. We had a 1:1 meeting. I was not expecting good words from her, some intuitions.

Here it goes:

You are doing good, infact very good. You have taken the ownership. You know whom to talk, how to talk, whom to involve. You are fetching people contact outside team as well. Thats good.

You are handling Shriya, Parag with nno conflicts. Thats good. 

You are asking people to take care of work, be it Parag or Mudit. 

You are looking after bigger picture of project. You are deciding which tech stack to choose, which LB, DB, infra, git etc.

You are doing good code reviews, there are always some comments. And, people are doing those changes.

You have prepared very nice document, that contained details. We normally doesn't do documents.

You have taken ownership of USB data validation, thats good. You are doing it with good responsibility.

Now, some points for improvement:

1. Help us to kickstart the project. First cut of project. First cut is difficult, then team will handle. After that, you might be involved in other project.

2. Make an impact on external world, like write blog on security, ticketing, think of patents, think of new technologies, think of doing security belts etc.

3. Ensure team follows best practices, like PR review, branches standardization, PR templates, deployment workflow etc.

I was not expecting lot of good words. But, it was lot more than expectation.