Daksh's preparation for Nobel Prize Winner - Albert Einstein


Daksh had to speak on one of the Nobel Prize winners. We choose Albert Einstein.

Here were our notes:

  • Albert was a mathematician and physicist.
  • He won Nobel prize in 1921 and won the Copley Medal in 1925.
  • He won Nobel price for his explanation of Photo-electric effect.
  • I chose him because he was very smart in Maths and Physics.
  • Albert Einstein was born in March 14, 1879, Germany.
  • He has done great things in Physics. 
  • He was very curious since his childhood.
  • He faced lot of trouble in his childhood financially.
  • He wrote lot of papers in Physics.
  • He also loved to play classical music and violin.
  • After his death, doctors removed his brain for study.
  • They found that the area which is responsible for 3d visualization and mathematics was 15% wider than people who have normal intelligence.