Calls to relatives/friends after long time


Since so many days, I wanted to call to few relatives and friends. I did not miss it today.

Big B

I called my BigB, and did a casual chit-chat. I did tell him the work going on in my flat. I also did talk to Bhabhi ji. I'm glad I did that. 


Next was Abhinav. I called him to close the website work that he was doing for Ankit. This time, I clearly conveyed my unhappiness over not attending the meeting on time that I fixed last time. I told him, I was unhappy with both of you. But, now its your responsibility to finish this, I'm not involved in this anymore. And, we did few technical chit-chat. It ended on good note.


It was Sachin's birthday (one of my old friend from YNR). I did not have his number, I messaged him on facebook and he gave me his number. I called him. It was a good feeling talking to him. Its been so many years. I remember, last time I talked to him regarding Tinu (who did took my money in wrong way). And, Sachin was also not helping me as he was living near to him. Anyway, I felt happy talking to him.

Chacha ji

Next, I called Chacha ji. For first full or minute, he was just saying: "Aaj kaise kar liya". I just smiled, and wondering did you call? It also felt good talking to him. It was a regular chit-chat. He continuously told me I think you called me for some work, you did not call me just like that. I was like, come on. Its a usual call. It was also a good call.


I also called Ankit. He usually never called by himself (Very rarely). I called him just like that and to tell him that finish your website work fast. He picked my call and said that he will call later. And, he did not call that day, until now (next day). I was super angry to him because of that. He always does that, and thinks he is super busy in this world. Super non-professional. Actually, non-sense behavior.



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