When political correctness is incorrect

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 I’m a little tired today because the mower woke me up. There’s
a sit-down mower and there’s a stand-up mower. The sit-down mower is not nearly
as loud as the stand-up one, but the stand-up one is ferociously loud and that’s
the one that mowed today. It woke me up instantly, so I had my sleep broken up
and therefore I’m tired. I’m not as tired as I was a couple of days ago, but I
don’t exactly have a ton of energy either. Fortunately, I don’t have a lot to
do tonight. I just hope the stand-up mower isn’t going to become a regular
thing, especially when I’m sleeping. Damn, do I miss being in the country at


Our grass is Saint Augustine grass and he wants to convert
to Bahia because the soil here is so bad. We figure that has a better chance of
growing better.  


He and I may not be perfect and we may not have all the
answers, but we were talking about how ridiculous the anti-abortion obsession is.
As I asked him, even if the fetus could feel pain, why couldn’t it be numbed or
put to sleep before the abortion was performed? As he said, how much awareness
does it really have? Does it even know it’s a person or aware of things? How
much can it really think and figure? Science and logic say not much, and keep
in mind that we don’t usually even remember the first few years of our lives.  


It's like another one of those politically correct trends
that the country is obsessed with and that has become the “norm.” The whole
thing isn’t much different than capital punishment. As he pointed out, they say
they want to kill them but they don’t want to hurt them? How ridiculous is
that? If you want to kill them, then who cares if it hurts for 30 seconds or so? 


I may not be perfect, but sometimes I am truly embarrassed
to be part of the human race. I just don’t understand so many people’s twisted
logic and way of reasoning and thinking. Take the governor for example. Lately, he’s
running around claiming that math leads to being gay. I don’t understand how
human beings like that can even be allowed to say such shit. Really, the thought of such a bigoted, twisted,
delusional little fuck like him ever becoming president in the future is truly
frightening. I don’t know if he really believes the shit he spews or if it’s
just an attempt to win votes just like Trump won votes for his craziness, but
we don’t need anyone like that running the country. Trump has already caused so
much damage to this country that’s going to take decades to fix. Another Trump-like
person as president will only make things worse. 


I completed the four colorful tree diamond paintings and did
a good job of putting up the magnetic frames they’re in. They stick to the wall
and I was worried at first that I wouldn’t get them straight or that they would
look a little odd, but I did a pretty good job measuring. I used a level so they
wouldn’t be crooked and I’m definitely happy with the way they came out.  


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