Tour to market, Kanika request and bought 2 books


Kanika's been requesting to take a leave from office so that we can goto market to explore few things for our flat. I agreed to take first half.

We went to Sec-18 market, and a showroom for Hop/Chimney. Those were good. I always wonder in using latest things vs old working things. Our 10-year-old Gas hop is still working super fine. But, we have to replace it according to new things :)

We were roaming in Sec-18 market, we went to a book shop. Who sells duplicate books. My interest in books is increasing these days. I bought 2 books:

- The monk who sold his Ferrari

- The Psychology of Money

I asked the book shop owner, don't you afraid of selling duplicate books in a well-established market. He said no.

Kanika had told mom to prepare rice if we came late. We went to our new flat while returning. We reached home in time. Kanika prepared food. She is a super expert in these things. I admire her for this. She never shy away from doing work, even after coming from outside.

In the evening, my parents had to return to their hometown.