Pissed-off with Ankit


Although, its not a good title. But, i"m really pissed off with Ankit. I'm already not a big fan of his lateness.

So, it started with a website work that he wanted. I brought Abhinav in between and let them work. Its been more than 2 months now. Abhinav is also doing stupid work by not completing a small website. 

Its me, who is bringing both of them on meeting. Its me who is telling to give Abhinav a Demo to them. They never come on time in meetings, they are not giving their social pages. They are not giving him their actual images that they want to use. They gave few images, that after repeatitive messages from me.

Its me, who bought their domain name, I purchased their web-hosting.

I did setup our last meeting to bring everybody on same page. Nobody came in that meeting, I was so angry with both of them. Actually, three of them. Shivam was also invited. 

I dropped a message on whatsapp, anybody coming? Abhinav responded 20 mins later. I was already exited the meeting. I did not reply. I had made my plan not to involve in any of their work.

Shivam called me, and said he was in some office work. I just said, you guys see yourself now.

Ankit pissed me off

I tried calling him few days back. His phone was busy. I expected that he will call me. But he did not. Wow.

Yesterday, I called him again. He picked up the call and said, I will cal you back. And, he did not.

I was in so much anger and pissed off. I will not call him and straight away going to tell him that you manage your work.

Being a close relative, it was their duty to call me back when they promised. Its actually an insult.

Called Next Day

He called next day, at around 10. I did not pick his call. I thought of calling him next day. He called on Kanika's phone. 

He started by saying he came late from shop and his health was not good. So he couldn't call. I just said ok. He talked about somethings, I was just not interested in his talking. I just said ok, formality kind of. I wanted to make him realize that people do feel bad.



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