Mannu called Kanika about Interior Work


Well over the years, I learnt some Rules. One of the rule is that you should never hire your relatives for any kind of work. Your relationship will never be the same after that work. There will always be some hiccups. Neither you or they will be able to communicate their unhappiness over work, if you do, it will be a disaster.

Jija ji did purchased a plot in YNR, and building a new house. They called Kanika and asked her to make a raw drawing for their plot. To give them a plan of rooms architecture, and given their requirements. 

Now, being in relationship, its difficult to refuse them. People should understand this.

I hope when someday Mannu read this, he will not take this in bad way.

I mean, Kanika was not doing any professional work because of her busy life, kids and all. And, she was also super busy these days in our flat and Ankit work. They know that we are also building a flat. And, Kanika is super busy there.

She prepared few designs and their response was also super quick.

The bad thing is, in those days, Bhavika and Kanika was having birthday. And, nobody called them in that day. It was a really-really bad way. I did not like it at all. Read this for more details.

Later they told, that they are hiring a local architect as he can visit the plot as well. So its all good.

Now, few days back, they called again. And straight away said, Kanika you have to do our interior work. Kanika was again stressed. Again, our work is going in full swing and she is busy. And, she can not refuse them as they are our relative. We were out, so she told them that she will call them later.

She called them, and looks like everybody was busy. She talked to Didi and she told that Mannu will call you. And, the call did not even after 3 days. Kanika has a reason to be angry with me. 

The thing is, we try very hard that nobody would feel bad, by responding as quickly as possible, but nobody gives heed to us.



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