Back we go to the dark ages

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 I hate to say it, but I see some good in Roe
being overturned. Yes, it’s absolutely sick and disgusting that we’re reverting
back to the dark ages and that so many people are so high on being control
freaks that they feel it’s their right and their duty to make personal
decisions for others. And yes, people are hypocrites in that so many women in
this country get shit for getting knocked up in the first place, yet if she
goes to have an abortion, she’s an automatic “murderer.”


But I do see the potential for good coming of
this and that’s that it’s going to make women more independent when it comes to
abortion, which would mean less shit from society in the end because unless the
woman says something, no one should know she’s having the abortion in the first
place. People that go for abortions at abortion clinics get hassled all the


People only go to get abortions because it’s
convenient, and that’s just the way it’s been done for so many years that it becomes
customary. But it’s totally not necessary. There are a million ways to lose a
fetus. Women did so before abortion was even a thing. There are tons of
different herbs, drugs, and a reason they tell you not to do certain physical
activities. Plus, there is the abortion pill. I know that’s eventually going to
become illegal too, but look at pot. It was once illegal, but it didn’t stop it
from going around, did it? Plus, there will still be doctors providing traditional
abortions no matter what the laws say. They’re not afraid of being sued. I am
surprised, however, that we haven’t heard more reports about them being busted.
Perhaps they’re hard to catch because you can’t exactly go undercover to catch
them. They have to know and prove you’re pregnant in the first place. You can’t
just go in there and say, hey, I’m pregnant, give me
an abortion and expect the doctor to do
so on the spot. But the crazies of Texas are kidding themselves when they said
they saved hundreds of lives. I’m sure you agree that very few women allowed
themselves to be forced to carry.


As I said, hopefully this will give them
independence that can’t be fucked with so easily because I’m pretty sure they’re
not going to get their rights back in our lifetime. I just don’t see it. People
have gotten way too obsessed with getting it into their minds that abortion is
murder as they did by insisting God sees gays as sinners, and it’s not just a
Supreme Court. Oh no, it goes much further than that. The polls are showing
more and more than most people in this country actually want abortion to be illegal
unless it’s to save the woman’s life. As I said, it’s a politically correct
trend. People get obsessed with something, they run with it, and on and on it
goes for decades or more. They’ll run this right into the ground as they have
racism and other topics people just can’t seem to take a break from.


When they move on to dismantling gay rights,
hopefully they too will find ways around things even though that’s a lot
trickier. I just dread the day the law fucks with us directly. Hopefully, it
won’t be so bad and we won’t have to let it. I will always do what’s right
before I consider what any law says.


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