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Sun, 06/27/2021 - 18:26
bakery shop window

I went to V.S. cafe yesterday, and it was a disaster. It was as if all my scary thoughts of the world in me and around me had happened. they hated me as I expected ,and it hurts like stabbing my self in the abdomen till the last breath in me fleets away. Masks couldn't be kept on any longer than that. The real ugly unrefined me appeared disgusting the cashier in front of me. Worse there where two of them. The cashier and another employee which both didn't seem to doubt for a second the horrible horrible person in front of them. In my last visit I had drawn a thousand dhs out of my wallet and had a puzzled look on my face."do you have change for a thousand dirhams ?" I said sincerely wanting to keep my record of tipping the workers  in the cafe , 5 dirhams which I did even when I didn't sit in the cafe and it seemed to be of utmost joy to them."No, unfortunately no madam , just today a customer came in with a thousand dirhams and we didn't have change to give him back"said the employee with a disappointed smile and coupled it with a quick laugh.So I showed a what a loss face and pulled out my credit card. I went back home with the will of tipping the employees the next time I go for some of the lovely high end bakery goods they had at the cafe. After filling a bag with exquisite pastries, za'tar sourdough loaf beard, and a pre-ordered mothers day cake , I got a bit stingy and thought I would tip the employees another day. They definitely didn't like it .I reluctantly said that it was my first time using this swipe credit card technology and the employee replied congratulations on using your new credit card and happy mothers day ! If there was something more poisoning than poison it self , it would be the way the employee conveyed those words.A  flush of shame and anger rushed through my body that I couldn't do anything about because I was the one to be blamed ! I thought about what just had happened al the way home and I realized that everything happens for a reason. maybe that had happened to purify my intentions of tipping those employees. another reason would be that I would't have to rely on the tip to make the workers like me, and serve me well. I had to learn it the hard way. God makes sure that you come out of the tunnel of life cleansed using the most mysterious ways. i surely learned my lesson. 

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Sun, 06/27/2021 - 18:26
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