Office Politics again - My first fight with Piyush

Genie award controversy

Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/24/2020 - 16:59
Office Politics

In the team, we were Me, Suman, Kaveesh, Ankur Khullar, Ruchir. I knew few situations where Kaveesh could not complete his code, and I have to complete his code. To which he surprisingly complimented me how you do this.

Kaveesh was very well in speaking. He was very good in showing his work, the work even which he has't done. He never gave credit to my work in team meetings. But, he was very vocal about his work. He was good in giving inputs. Later, he moved to testing as he couldn't code it.

And, I was like working on every other module and worked brilliantly. Suman/Ruchir were also working hard. But, I remember when Piyush told us to spend extra hours as we had to complete a delivery. Suddenly, their working hours changed. Just to stay late in evening. I mean, they were staying in the office for same number of hours. But, just to show Piyush.

And, Piyush was so bad in some things. He complained to me about remain in office after 6 as well. Where I usually did 9-6 job. He has his own rules. I mean, Adobe is having a flexible policy but you are allowing this. A lot of employees in our team left because of his shitty policies.


Awards goes to...

So, we delivered it as expected. On the last working day before holidays, Piyush announced Award for Suman/Ruchir/Kaveesh. Only people left were: Me and Ankur. I felt so bad at that time. I refused to goto party. Somehow Piyush took us to party. somehow got an idea that I was not happy.

Bully in Party Continue

Even in the party, usual bully continued by RJ. I was so frustrated.


My Fight with Piyush (Verbal :) )

So, after the shutdown holidays I had a meeting with Piyush. I said straight away, why I didn't get the award. And, I was rude in my voice. He could understand it. I really gave some straight replies. He said, they took initiatives but you did development well. I asked, everybody was working on the work as told. Give me an example, where they provided this input as you said. He couldn't.

In the end, I felt I won my argument over him. As he did not have any better answers to my queries. But, I said a lot of things straight to him. And, I made him realize that you did a mistake.




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Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/24/2020 - 16:59
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