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Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/24/2020 - 16:51
Office Politics

There was a project Genie on which almost the whole team was working. It was a flash automation project. Piyush started this project with Ruchir and Suman. 

I started working on that project. Being an older member of the team, Piyush always gave priority to Suman/Ruchir. They wrote such silly codes I can not describe. I was working on eclipse plugin where there were lot of UI work in that plugin. And, I work exceedingly well in almost all the work I did. I remember, everybody was praising me that they just thought of this, and I did develop that.


There was one incident, where Piyush has to show a presentation of this project to his boss. We were all there. Piyush mentioned team member names who were working on that project, but did not mention my name. I felt bad about it. While returning from that meeting, the bully/taunt master Ruchir taunted me that your name was not there, don't you feel bad. And, I could see his face, all smiling with bully expression. I was like you might already saw that presentation and you are taunting just for bad meaning. I did not say anything.


I did involve in almost every component of the project. Where Ruchir was involved in one module only. When I saw that code, OMG. Anybody would bash the developer of that code. I mean, the code was like a college student was writing code from top to bottom. Nothing modular, nothing. Poor code.

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Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/24/2020 - 16:51
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