Initial Days @ Adobe - The Bully

My first project at Adobe

Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/24/2020 - 13:35
Office politics

I was assigned into a Project named Pulpo, along with Suman. It was an automation project in C++. I really liked C++ at that time. So, I was kind of champion in that. I encountered a few difficulties coming from NEC-HCL to Adobe. I had to speed up things. I somehow was able to succeed.

I only dealt with Suman those days. It was fine working with her. I raised few questions like nobody was doing code reviews. 


I encounter first bully at Adobe. The guy was RJ. He was very strange kind of personality. I remember few incidents in team meetings where we discussed our progress. I remember, i asked what is Perforce. He laughed like he was making fun of me, and was a direct insult. I mean, I joined few days back, instead of clearing doubts, you are making fun of people. And, this happens few other time as well. 

My nature was very shy and I could never reply. It was my bad habit of not replying to these bullies.

Strange Thing

Strange thing is, I mentioned this thing to Piyush that he usually makes fun of my queries. And, it demotivates me in asking for more. His reply was: "Its your personal matter". I was like, come on it is happening in office, in official meetings. You are a people manager. But, no.

From that day, I maintained a well distance from him.


My Nature

I'm a deep introvert and shy in nature. I never replied to a bully. My mistake. People keeps on making fun, and I never give back. But, recently I'm tired of this nature. I started giving replies these days. 

But, this is really bad about people who bully others.

Party Bully

Piyush/RJ usually made fun of how less I speak. Sometimes, they crossed limits. I became very uncomfortable quite some times. But, they never stopped. I remember few instances at office parties, I was like standing at leave the party in between.

I really wanted to hit RJ, and I never became friend with him. Ravinder used to work with him. His feedback was also quite same about him. RJ usually said, I'm straight-forward. I would say, he is rather a bully and back-biter.



I never ever seen such bakwaas talks with team. Suman/Ruchir/Devender used to book rooms to talk garbage, gossips, about people. Devender was full of garbage. He was like a Boss to Suman/Ruchir in silly talks.

I remember one instance, where Devender talks so bad about Piyush if he hear those words, he would probably never talk to him. I remember, Devender talked about his wife/kids and Piyush's personal life. And, he talked so bad about Piyush. 

But, it was their nature to talk gossips. 

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Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/24/2020 - 13:35
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