Daksh's Crossword Puzzle preparation

Spending time with Daksh

Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/17/2020 - 13:07
Crossword with kids

So he has to prepare a crossword puzzle for his school. He himself chose this task. So, we all worked on his project. See the preparation and final draft.


Across: 1. National bird of India 6. Known as River horse 7. Gives you eggs 8. National animal of India 10. Eats mice

Down: 2. Fastest running animal 3. Animal with 3 hearts 4. Ship of the desert 5. Largest flightless bird 9. Largest land animal

PEACOCK - national bird of India octopus - Animal with 3 hearts cheetah - fastest running animal elephant - Largest land animal hippopotamus - Known as River horse Hen - gives you eggs tiger - National animal of India cat - eats mice ostrich - Largest flightless bird camel - Ship of the desert


               O      P E A C O C K          L     T C      E     O        C        O H I P P O P O T A M U S E      H     U        M        T E      A     S         E        R T      N                L         I A      T I G E R              C A T H E N                            H


He prepared a final chart with our help.

I will update the final picture that he prepared.

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Yogesh Paaliwal
Thu, 12/17/2020 - 13:07
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