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Thu, 11/19/2020 - 19:30

It was a very normal conversation between us. I was using my Son's computer. There I found a lot of tabs opened by my wife. These websites were opened since long.

There were:

  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • ICICI bank website
  • Whatsapp
  • Amazon and some other logins

I immediately said (In a very polite way). You have opened bank website open on our Son's computer, and its still open. I did not mention about any other website. To which she said, its OK.

I explained her that:

  • Its not safe as its his computer, and he doesn't know anything. He can do some blunders in your accounts. He can message anyone, he can read your confidential mails.
  • Most importantly, your bank account. 
  • Apart from our Son. Its not secure from Hacking point of view. Any click on a link can create issues either in your bank accounts or in mail.
  • She said, it logs out automatically after few minutes. 

The conversation was happening casually, in polite manner.

I again repeat, madam its not safe. I have 20 years of experience in this field. Its not safe. She just turn her head in other direction. I was looking at her in disbelief. I repeated, no answer. I repeated, no answer. I repeat, she said same thing.

I was like, WTF. So much EGO. I was becoming impatient. I again repeated, this is wrong. You are not agreeing on this. She was not even looking at me. My voice raised a bit. I just said, what an EGO. I haven't seen such egoistic person in my life apart from you. And, this is my major issue with her apart from her anger.

I was in much disbelief, how can a person can do something like this.

I sumarise her the whole scnerio again. If somebody is explaining me about anything, I would agree with him, but you can not just agree with me, even when you know I have much experience in this field.

I took her an example, your brother asked you to remove un used channels in our tv connection. You were immediately like come on, lets do it. When I ask you to do anything, your ego comes in between. 

When she realizes her mistake. She again said, I can not talk with you.

I again repeated her in ok manner, you could have just said OK, or discuss if you are not agreeing. But, you just turned your head in other direction which means NO, I wont do it.

Its not like that I wanted her to agree with me. It was just like if someone experienced explaining about something, at least do agree or talk something in encounter.


Her ego is the worst part of her. 

From last few days, I was so much in my thoughts if not having anger. But, its really difficult to live with a person with whom your thoughts do not match.


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Anonymous User

Story written as Anonymous User

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 19:30
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