The Accident - Other Car collides with mine with loud thud noise

Bad Days Continued...

Yogesh Paaliwal
Fri, 11/13/2020 - 20:16
Car accident

I'm going through bad days badly.

My father was coming from my hometown to visit us in Diwali. I think for the first time, he came without my mother. Its another story why he came alone. Its another continuation of bad days.

So, I was coming from Electronic City Metro in my new Honda car. We were talking, and I was driving usually at an OK speed (Close to 40-50). I normally drives very smooth. A speed breaker came, and I slowed down my vehicle. It was not a sudden break. A very smooth break. Suddenly, the car from my back hit my car from behind. It was a loud noise, my head hit on seat's headrest so hard that my head was aching. I panicked. I took some moments to realize that someone had hit me from behind.

I saw the driver was about to run. I just gave him a stare and showed him a displeasure sign. I saw his car bonnet was almost folded. I was also about to stop to confront him. But my instincts stopped me. For a moment, I thought what will happen if I confront him. It will be a waste of time.

Then I saw, his car opens. 3 young boys came out from car in anger, and wanted to run towards me. I understood, and sped away from there. I knew if I would have stayed there, those guys would hit us hard. Noida is a city of thugs. You can not fight with the goons. I thanked GOD and my instincts that I did not stop there. But I did sped away from there fearing that they might follow us.

My father thought that the back door has broken and his briefcase/stuff has fallen down. He made sure that the stuff is there. I realized the back window glass is not broken. But I was sure that it must have been a major dent on car. I was planning to give it to insurance guys. But then, I thought we have to go on a marriage. Will I get my car before that. Lot of thoughts were running in my mind. Also, I was sad that my car is damaged.


Finally, when we reached our society. I parked my car. I had a look at the damage. To my wonder, it was a minor dent. Not even a scratch was there. But, the metal has actually dented. But it was like nothing much visible until you specially watch it.

I was relaxed and wonder about the quality of Honda cars. I mean, the car who hit me. Its bonnet was folded. But, my car is in very good condition. I was all in praise of Honda that day.


But, I did curse my bad days. Its like every year testes your patience once a year.

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Yogesh Paaliwal
Fri, 11/13/2020 - 20:16
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