Summarising my lockdown with my wife


Pranjal Ranjan
Fri, 10/30/2020 - 20:25
Lockdown life

My married life hasn't been good. This lockdown due to Covid-19 forced me to live with my wife for more hours than usual. Strangely, everything went well for the first month. I was so happy and surprised. But, then things took a turn and she started to showing her colors.

Daily Food

Food is something she prepares. For every piece of food, she makes me feel that she made it, how difficult it is, and I'm doing nothing about this. In short, she makes me feel guilty as if I'm a waste, sitting idle in home, not doing anything. And, this is not something she started saying in this lockdown. Its been since long. But, this time it was not tolerating as her taunts were more pinching. 

Our most fights was on this topic only. Most time, I had to say don't prepare food for me. Many times, I thought of making my food daily, but that was not possible. 

I had to give it back. I made her understand, first of all that I'm working and doing a daily job. She made the condition so worse, that I had to tell that this food, this lifestyle is coming from my salary. I should not have said this, but I had to. 


Extra Food/Fun Food

Where most of people were posting on facebook about what they have made. Or, what house-wives were making in this time. There was nothing of that sort in my house. I was a liability at home for my wife.

We made panipuri two times, that too when I prepared its water.


Timing of Food

I used to take breakfast at around 9:30, lunch at 1:30, dinner at around 8:30. But, now I was at their mercy. It was so painful to get meals on time. My breakfast time switched to 10, that too after a long request. She wanted to shift that to 11. Note, I wakeup daily at 6:30 AM, and she shows no mercy that I'm empty stomach for 4 hours.

She wanted to shift lunch to 3:30 or 4, which was way beyond my routine. After lot of request, it came out at around 3. That too, gets shifted to 3:30. She always fought whenever I asked that we are getting late. I had to put a biscuit box on my table, and stopped complaining. 

Dinner remained at around 9, no problem.

In between, my son used to take fruits after breakfast. And, whatever is left, I got some pieces. To which as well, she asked me to cut it daily. I had to refuse it straight away.

As a bonus, I used to get a tea sometime after breakfast.

So, nothing extra food in between. I usually felt hungry. But, I can not complain. And I did not realized until I did my weight check.

My Health

I'm a person who normally does not eat junk food much. When I used to goto office, I used to take extra food in evening, as there is much gap between lunch and dinner.

At home, I was getting food at the mercy of my wife. Its not like she was preparing poor food. Food was delicious. But, I did not feel honored to eat that at home.

So, there was nothing extra to eat. My weight reduced from 76 to 65. I did some running, but not significant enough that can reduce this much weight.

I was visibally looking thinner, lot of people complained me that I lost too much weight. I realized this when I visited to my home, and some relatives.


I was usually a morning person, and I remained. I wake up at sharp 6 in morning, and wanted to sleep at 10:30/11PM. But, she did not want to sleep by then. I was not allowed to sleep alone. So, my sleep usually takes a hit these days.

But, she makes sure she sleeps to 8-9 hours. But, she always said, she sleeps for 7 hours only. On weekends, she slept till 9AM. But, never accepted this. I mean, there is no harm in this. I never taunted or stopped her in sleeping. And, I even makes sure that there is no light or sound when they are sleeping. But, whenever I wanted to sleep extra. She makes sure everybody will be in that room with full noise.

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Pranjal Ranjan
Fri, 10/30/2020 - 20:25
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