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Pranjal Ranjan
Fri, 10/30/2020 - 20:01
Stop this

So a marriage is coming in our family after a long time. Everybody of us had to shop for the marriage. We planned to goto mall on Friday. All was set. 

She said you stay home with our little daughter, and she will go with our son. As she will disturb in shopping. Or, you have to handle her throughout. I was like WTF. I do always take care of kids, even shopping, visit to marriage etc. I said, in between you will also have to take care of her. To which she refused straight away. She said, she will go alone. My mood became bad instantly, as I wanted to go badly after a long lockdown, also I had to do shopping as well. I said OK. She noticed my mood, and for formality asked me to come. But, I said No.

In the morning, she asked me to prepare meal for myself as well as for her. I said, come on. Aren't you asking for much from me. Did I ever prepare meal for her? And, handling her alone will be a big task for me. To which she reluctantly agreed. She gave me last night food for her.

I mean, she just doesnn't want to do anything these days. I thought of our home, and few of our close relatives about this situation. A house-wife would prepare meal for her husband and kids if she is going out. But, here NO. She rather asked me to cut fruits and helped her pack for their visit. I mean, its OK if I help. But, her constant delegating her tasks to me is not OK.

So they went at 12, and came back at 6:30. Where I took care of her, prepared meal for myself, gave milk/meal to her, took her to sleep. They did good amount of shopping, and returned. 

I was preparing evening milk and tea. But, our newly hired maid came to prepare dinner. Yes, we hired maid for dinner recently. I had to leave preparation in between. I asked my wife to prepare then, to which she agreed hesitantly. Its been 1-2 hours since they have came. Our girl was disturbing much, to which I asked my wife to please take care of her at least now that you have come. I said it in very polite manner. But, she angrily stood and said in her usual tone. I'm working since I have come. I was like, really. And, she continued... I had to intervene, and asked in which tone I said those words, why you are in anger. But no point. I had to said Sorry, it was my mistake, and I had to stop...



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Pranjal Ranjan
Fri, 10/30/2020 - 20:01
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