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Yogesh Paaliwal
Mon, 10/05/2020 - 07:50

So, this is in continuation with https://www.lifeintext.com/story/471-papas-pain-when-he-finally-decided-move-me

I never seen my father in much pain and in feeling of much disrespect. So, I was looking for some flats for him on-rent. I almost finalized the deal on Friday and said that I will transfer the money on Monday. I received the call from him hearing that he has given the flat to someone else. I just told him that its not correct since we both agreed. I did not have more discussion with him.

So, Saturday night, Papa said that my elder sister and her husband will come to our house. They will help him in sort out their fights. I also thought so.

During their visit

So I came to know from my father they all sat together and did not hear him out. They all blamed him for his behaviors. He felt helpless. My brother-in-law (sister's husband) called me in the end. They said, they have told our dear Bhabhi and their kids not to speak like that. He feared about his kid's marriage. As its their son's marriage coming, and if these fights keep on hanging there, it creates bad atmosphere. 

My father again said, they did not listen to me. He said, kids again started blaming him. My father once took our niece (brother's daughter) to a Kerala trip with them. And, they did everything to keep her happy. He said she was crying that how they tortured her during trip. My father was crying from inside in hearing this.

Talk to Brother

I did talk to my brother the same day to get to know about this from his perspective. Whatever he told me, looked like he was telling all correct. I somehow said, still bad mouthing is not a good thing. To which he said, yes but how can one tolerate such behavior. He said, I told them I will go out from this house, you will not go. He knew, if Papa will go out of this house, he will loose his reputation.

Talk to Sister

I did call them the next day. Talking to her made me realize that they did not take a single side of my father. Till then, I had little hope that they did talk at least something in his favor. But no.

She was like, how can Papa talk bad things with his neighbour, and justified my Bhabhi's bad behavior and bad mouthing. It was so disheartening to hear that. 


The thing is my father is getting old (75 years), and you can not expect everything perfect from him. In our home history, they all did fight with my mother all the life, and said so bad words, bad mouthing. Nobody speak in her favor. When I did talk, everybody went against me.

Now, they started this campaign against my father. Now, my father became villain.

I remembered, my sister said: "How can a wife talk so bad to her husband?". Now, she was justifying the same things from a daughter-in-law. Its all bullshit.


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Yogesh Paaliwal
Mon, 10/05/2020 - 07:50
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