the value of creativity

Tue, 09/29/2020 - 15:04
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         creativity was an innate value and a way of life I had. it was palatable when I chose my tv shows at a very young age like Martha Stewart living show ( that was is the days of channel 33 not a YouTube show that is a click away!) I was waiting eagerly every afternoon with my nosy little brother sitting beside me ,maybe secretly sharing the same interest. or when I chose the gifts I wanted to give my friends it always had to have some sentimental value , an interest she had or something she expressed her love for in one of our conversations. being asked for advice or help for ideas and my opinion on some gift or assignment was also a sign of how my way was always different ,and unique, and worth while asking for. My creativity gave me a sense of relief that I am good enough and again worth while. once my sister was returning from a long treatment vacation and I felt like doing something different for her. my friend suggested that I make a basket of goodies ( yup! it was her idea not mine I won't lie!) but implementing the idea was the creative part. I got a wooden weaved basket, put two different fresh juiced fruit in medium sized plastic bottles , with two lovely tall glasses that I got from my moms cupboard , I put mini blue and white towels and rolled them like they would roll them in a fancy hotel room. I bought blue ocean body shower jell and spray from the body shop, so that it matches the towels and would be refreshing after a long flight. I also put dark chocolate bars and milk chocolate from the Lindt chocolate brand. and I got my nephew story books and mini car toys that I spread on his bed. my sister , brother in law and nephew loved their presents and the attention they got. and I enjoyed expressing my god given gift "creativity" . I thank god for all his gifts and especially the ones that are unique ,and make me me !    

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Tue, 09/29/2020 - 15:04
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