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Sat, 09/26/2020 - 21:28
be like the date tree
kindness was one of the most under estimated values that I had. when almost all of my fellow teenaged students agreed , every one on her own that kindness was the most prominent I quote "talent"  I exhibited. not 


sports , or arts , or a third language that would make me look smart by learning it on my own. nothing but plain old " kindness". it took me a decade or more to realize that kindness is no way near ordinary. in fact its 


the base of any long-lasting, rewarding relation ship, its the reason a person could put his head on his pillow and sleep peacefully without the thought of having hurt somebody , and last but not least its a one way ticket 


to heaven! (god willing). its a part of me that makes me me ! and denying it or suppressing it means that I am denying and suppressing noura ! there is a myth that says kind people are taken as weak, and could be 


easily taken advantage of. that is also not true. people that are truly kind set boundaries and know well when others are trying to manipulate them. if they allow manipulation they allow it by there own will. In that case 


it is not called manipulation, its called you are being under surveillance by me, and the moment you cross the red line you are out of my friends zone.... I believe kindness is a virtue. its the way to go , you get good 


deeds , you are doing the write thing. you are known to be easy and safe to talk to and be around. your presence is anticipated by people. you try your best not to hurt anybody or be a burden. As a child I was hurt a lot 


due to my weight. and I wished that people cared more about my feelings. being kind was my way of mending my hurt feelings. it felt so good especially treating children the way they deserve to be treated. if I had a 


chance to go back in time and talk to the child , the teenager , and the young adult I was , I would tell her don't feel sorry for not having some outward visible talent as the kindness you carry between your wings is 


nothing less than priceless.   

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Anonymous User

Story written as Anonymous User

Sat, 09/26/2020 - 21:28
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