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Suvasree Bandyopadhyay
Tue, 09/22/2020 - 14:16

Since I have grown up watching my father who's a school teacher, I have always been fond of the teaching- learning process since childhood. The act of teaching, according to me is a process to help others learn and understand their goals, interests and self worth.

I was in class 12 when I joined a coaching centre to teach younger kids who would seek help from seniors like us whenever they felt like it. The center was in my locality and my father was a part of it. Initially I used to simply imitate him and other senior teachers to teach kids. Later, I got to understand, I have to have a special approach to teach them which will help them understand different things in a better way and simply imitating would not do.


Therefore, I invented a few games which werr basically focused on sentence formation and sentence orientation. I implied that methodology as soon as I felt confident about it and I showed it to my senior teachers as well to get it approved. They all seemed pretty happy about the whole thing and encouraged me to go forward with the plan.

There was this kid who was not really fond of socializing and interacting with others. I found it extremely difficult to subject him to my new game plans given he used to skip classes a lot since the beginning. Apart from him, the other kids seemed to adapt themselves with my plan really quickly which made me really happy and it was a huge thing for me back then. 

The other kid, who didn't talk much, approached me September one day expressing how difficult it was for him to communicate and participate in things with other kids because he was extremely self conscious and was constantly beating  himself up about it. I felt good that among so many teaching assistants and other people, he chose me to express his problem. I took him to a park one day and described how I was exactly like him and how it was difficult for me too to interact with others.


That is how we started bonding over our introversion issue and slowly and gradually I became his friend. He soon started opening up to me about other issues as well. I slowly realized how he started becoming a part of our center when he started participating in events that would take place as a part of the teaching process. He found my games interesting and invented some on his own. Everyone was extremely impressed with his creativity. He felt motivated amd positive among us. He felt as if he belonged to us and we felt a connection that had gradually taken place, which was emotional.

Although I was teaching for a few months back then, it was not until this kid started blooming that I felt a sense of fulfillment and satisfied with what I had been trying to do. I found a new passion which was teaching, or rather help others to learn. I have evolved to be a different person now over the years. However, this memory will always remain to be one of the most special ones in my life.

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Suvasree Bandyopadhyay
Tue, 09/22/2020 - 14:16
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