PIHU~ Our Family's Superstar

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Anuradha Thakur
Tue, 09/15/2020 - 08:42

Pihu is an exciting child. She is my three year old niece. However, when you will listen to her. Her words won't be like three year old child. She talks like old grandmother. But the awesome part is that she is our family's superstar. And this lockdown was spent beautifully with her. She filled joy in all of our lives.

The lockdown was never boring or irritated. Because we have this super excited child.


She once asked me to help her draw

I love painting. Colours give me immense joy. I was drawing with my paintbrush. 

She suddenly came into my room. She just jumped on my bed.


She spilled colour all over. Before I could have been angry at her. She was jumping all over the  bed. She was smiling and started touching colours.


Pihu drawing

She put some paint colours on my cheek.

"Pihu! Stop doing this!", I said.

She insisted.

I let her at the innocent smile of hers.


Lockdown Garden Diaries

One special thing about Pihu is that she loves plants.

Whenever we take her to the garden, she never plucks flowers like other children. Instead, she quietly sits there. Or help me in planting trees.

She observes everything.

Only to later recall us about the happenings.

Pihu in Garden

Her Ongoing Game

"Pihu! Come here. Sit let's study", I said.

She said, "Yes yes."

She will come with her soft teddies. She will sit with her notebooks. Usually her mother or father brings her bag. Then it's just for few minutes , that she will concentrate.

She will say often, "Bua! I want to go to toilet. I will come back and study".

Then she vanishes.


Either she will go to her grandfather's room or she will sleep.

This tiny angel knows all kind of excuses to avoid studies.

However, we love our superstar.

Pihu playing with teddy

What happened yesterday?

Last night, I was studying in my room. Laptop was open. I was glued to the screen.


Suddenly, I heard, "Anu, Anu!"

I looked around. I found noone.

I heard the voice again.

I thought that my mother must be calling me.

Still, nobody was in sight.


Then after sometime, I noticed that Pihu was up on the window from opposite side.

And she was climbing and then hiding. She tightly held the window pane and bars.

I was like , "You come here, mischievous child".

She burst into laughter.

She entered into my room and peeped in my laptop.

Pihu watching in my laptop

I just took her in my lap and started showing her cartoons.

She was happy.

She is happy and living her wonderful days of childhood.

We are trying to give her space and garden games to make her feel free from lockdown.


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Anuradha Thakur
Tue, 09/15/2020 - 08:42
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