Girl Behind The Umbrella

from the memory

Anuradha Thakur
Sat, 09/12/2020 - 20:15
Girl Behind The Umbrella

Yesterday, it was raining heavily. I was wrapped up in his arms. He was irritated by the rain. I asked him, "Why are you so upset over rain?" Don't you like the rain. I just love rain. He said, "It's nothing like that. But rain is not nice all the time". 

I said, "Oh yes! You had to go out. And here you are trapped with me."




His Book Shelf

Just then, my eyes went on his book shelf. And he asked me, "Would you like to have some coffee?"

I said, "Yes! Why not?"


As soon as he went to the kitchen, I took out a diary from the shelf.


I said, "Baby! I am taking your Diary."

"Yes, take whatever you want! Everything is Yours, here", he replied.



A Story

I turned the pages. I saw a story on a random page. The title was, "GIRL BEHIND THE UMBRELLA".


This title seemed really interesting. 

He came with coffee, and his phone rang.

It was his office call. Some urgent work. So he took excuse from me....


I saw even the sketching in that diary.

He mentioned about the girl.



Girl Behind the Umbrella

The pages of the story read......

 "She was wearing a bracelet. Smiling through the rain. She was pouring love in raindrops. She was some magical soothing feeling like the raindrops.


I wanted to go closer and see her dancing. 

She was so alluring even from behind the umbrella. I had a glimpse of her.

Alas! I couldn't see her. 

Who was this amazing girl? Playing like a child in the rain through her umbrella.


Will I meet her ever Again?"



Metro Scene ~ on turning the pages of Diary


There was a mention of metro scene.

"I saw a girl. She was wearing the same bracelet and had the same umbrella."

"I followed her. I reached to her College."

"Her appearance was like a doll. 

She was jumping through the corridor."


Following her, I even forgot my myself.

I was completely lost in her.

I wanted to have more of her."




He Came finally

Till then , he came. His call was over.

I closed his diary quickly.

And asked, "Who is this Umbrella Girl?"

You never told me about this. All this while, you were hiding this from me. 

I was waiting for his answers.

I was very jealous. 

He kept silent and looked straight into my eyes.

He broke his silence with a lovely gesture.

He just kissed on my hands and showed me the bracelet.

Oh My God, this was such an amazing and awesome experience.

At the same time, I was too surprised also.

He kissed my hands

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Anuradha Thakur
Sat, 09/12/2020 - 20:15
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