What I feel about today.

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 23:50

It was not a good start of the day though because I did not sleep properly and had bad dreams. 


It was a productive day at dad's office. I was SUPER EXCITED about two things. One - I finally found this website where I can type my heart out and the other one wassss I got the weighing machine with all the extra information that it gives like, muscle mass%, Fat% etc.  


So, What I ate Yesterday? 

I had some Coconut milk in the morning 

and keto Chilli (Country) Chicken with bell peppers. 

In the evening I had oats and almonds biscuits(IT WAS YUMMMMM😋)

AND in the night after i got back home i had some watermelon and some Indian Snacks ( Boondhi with Curd). 


But its OKAY!!


i did feel guilty that i did not workout and snacked up in the night. But again, I felt like its ok, I dont have to be hard on myself and restrict myself from snacking. 

After some deep discussion with myself, I realized that in the long run I cannot keep restricting myself from snacking what I like. I am in this journey to understand myself and my body and create a lifestyle that will keep my mind and body happy.  So, it’s completely fine to eat something I feel like eating  because I’m a person who SURVIVES TO EAT. 

It’s all about flexibility  



A quick recap of my journey until day 17 : 


When I started off this journey, My measurements were: 

Arm - 13 Inches

Hip - 37 Inches

Butt - 40 Inches

Thighs - 25 Inches 


Weight- 63 kgs

I am not sure about my fat% and other Information because I did not have the machine to calculate it. 

 As on 17-08-2020 



The major thing to consider is that I did not work out at all. 

I was on a lazy keto diet. I reduced 2 kgs as of today.  


On, day 3 of the week 26/08/2020, I started off with 7 days thigh challenge by Bloglalities. 

I worked out three days continuously and was not able to work out for two days, cuz of Muharram fasting in the middle and then again continued from 31st to 2ndsept again I felt lazy to workout yesterday and I Worked out today, so basically the 7-day challenge got over today ( 4/09/2020). 

I did check my body measurements today and found out that I reduced half to one inch here and there. 


I am really happy that I took this journey because I’m really giving some time for myself and my body to shape up myself the way I want to look ❤️.

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Fri, 09/04/2020 - 23:50
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