Newbie at blogging (:

Introducing myself

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 17:53
Starting off something new and exciting :)

 My name is Ali. I am a newbie at blogging! And this is my first ever blog.😁😁 I am really excited to write every day about my personal life and how I feel about myself.  I do not know if anybody is gonna read this and personally I don't mind if nobody reads my blogs. I am not here to earn money through blogging but to just write down my personal views, things I like and dislike, my personal struggles and ease and so on.  I am 22 years old, an Indian and have completed my under graduation in Law planning to do my masters abroad.  SO!  

How did I get an Idea to blog at first place?  Firstly, this is gonna be like my personal journal to write down my thoughts and everything I feel like.  Going back to the question, I did not have any idea about personal blogging, I just wanted to write a journal for myself online about the fitness journey to keep a track on what I eat, what I feel and also I personally like to write down the ideas and things I wanna do.  So, when I started writing down, the first thing I felt was that anybody who lives with me could read it especially my mom, and I do not want that. The second thing I felt was, I know I am gonna write a lot and it is not environment friendly (:   So, I landed up here. 

Since I am already on my 90 days fitness journey, I am gonna start off blogging about my feelings during this journey every day from today!  I have already missed writing down  17  days of my journey, and I DO NOT want to miss one more day.    

OKay! this is the brief introduction about my blog and myself.  


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Thu, 09/03/2020 - 17:53
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