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Isha Dhingra
Wed, 09/02/2020 - 20:21

Two years back, on this day, I was missing the green mangoes and my parents as I had not seen them for some months.

One year ago, on this day, I was enjoying the sunrise and good company.

Today, I am here, writing this post.

I have been keeping this tab through my one day a line journal which I have been writing for the past two years.

I always wanted to keep a daily journal. Even managed it for a month or so but then it became very monotonous and I turned to writing in it only when something unqiue happened. However, two years back, my sister gifted me this 5 year, every day journal.. It was a one line journal. It kind of helped me be regular with my diary writing and I noticed so many changes along the way that I would recommend it to anyone who would enjoy this. The diary has a prompt for each day and I had to write one or two lines about it. Every year, on the same day, I would be writing for the same prompt I wrote for an year back and it was amazing to sometimes find how I was feeling an year back.

A one line a day is not much time consuming, helps you vent out, express yourself and even keep a tab of how you have been doing over the years. If you cannot manage a full diary, one line journal is the way to go. I love it when I read funny things from the previous years, a witty one liner, a single line joke, a single abuse or a one word rant, it all cheers me up on the days when I am not in high spirits.

I am just listing out some benefits I have come across of writing a line every day

Never takes up much time

I hardly take more than ten seconds to think and write. The only effort I have to make is to keep it handy and just open it to the right page with a pen in hand. Rest, is a cake walk. I usually fill it up when I am about to sleep.

Refreshes old memories

Strikes up old memories. Sometimes, I go back to bed thinking how stupid I was back then or happy back then or sad back then. Lot of introspection happens!

It is cheap!

No specific brands, and at cheap price you can get like an amazingly pretty 5 year diary. I have one which has like golden pages and I feel delighted everytime I stroll down the pages. Plus in one payment, you get a dairy for 5 years. This is the best deal, so you can spend more on it as it is going to last you for almost half a decade. There must be other versions as well but I really liked mine.

Keeps you happy!

Who does not feel happy venting it all out? Everyone does. It is sure to kee you calm and cheer you up in difficult times.

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Isha Dhingra
Wed, 09/02/2020 - 20:21
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