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Isha Dhingra
Wed, 09/02/2020 - 12:41

An eclipse of humanity rising. An out of this world mass-viewing bringing us together for one purpose, one awesome sight, one awe-inspiring event –  something that is harmoniously making all of us do one thing at the same time – no matter our diversity, beliefs, opinions, color of our skin, our identity, or who we choose to love. Let’s take a lesson from the moon and the sun – and have a total eclipse of our souls, our hearts, our love.

Let’s start over, eradicate the hate, and show up brighter and better and compassionate. Choose to cleanse yourself and release the things that no longer place you in a direction of kindness, of wholeness, of your greatest good. Guide your mind to luminous behavior, and anything less than that needn’t be welcomed into your world.


The shadows hate creates can only hide the light for so long – never forget the light, forgive the darkness, and know that no matter how far away hope may seem – we all want to be loved like the moon intended, through the dark of night and all that it welcomes. No matter how different we are, no matter what generation you belong, no matter what call sign or song – we are under the same sky, looking at the same moon, the same sun, the same organic wonder of the stars – this is our humanity, this is our galactic connection to so much more than what we are fighting for or against – what separates us, what we have become.


Let’s all stare into the universe and not try and make sense of it all – but to open our minds to endless possibilities of unity – and for only a couple hours – forget what so many believe separate our journeys and realise what we can become as one. I believe that if all of us can come together to stare at the sky and ponder the enormity of it all – we can also come together, free our demons, and embrace peace. We would live a lot differently than we do today.

A totality of moments and timing – a star, in order to be born again must burst and collapse – it is not destruction, it is a birthing of new light – a new perspective. Eclipse your fears and your wild moon child – because at birth there is no hate, there is no separation – there is only growth and the abundance of love.

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Isha Dhingra
Wed, 09/02/2020 - 12:41
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