Letter to My Love

Two Year of Togetherness

Charu Thakur
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 23:48
Love Letter :)

Even after endless talks all throughout the day, there still remains infinite possibilities of things I wish to write down for you.

Okay, so keeping aside the introductory line. I have written and rewritten this piece dozens of times. If it had been a real page. Then you could easily find the crumbled pieces lying in the dustbin (or around it, you know I can never match your level of cleanliness).


This anniversary has been so different from what we had planned a year before. The turn of events has not been so gracious to us but here we are! Strong and completely in Love. It still feels so surreal that we have completed two years of togetherness.

Two years of uncountable fights in Love.

Two years of understanding in Love.

Two years of growing up in Love.

Two years of unconditional Love.


Letter of Love


You are the only person I wish to wake up beside. I wish to cuddle in your arms and kiss you Good Night my Love. I don’t want to wait for yet another anniversary to tell you what you mean to me. I appreciate even the small actions you do for me. Waiting for me to come online the whole night, coming out of your comfort zone and jotting down a few lines for me, clicking pics and recording audio. I have loved them all. But that doesn't mean that you need to do all of them to keep me happy. I am happy with just the fact of being your Love.


On the other hand, I know um not best at expressing my Love for you. I have failed multiple times, but you have always held my hand even during the oddest hours. I try to learn from each of my mistakes and give you the best feeling of being in Love.


Love is never about enduring pain.


I remember the times we used to wake up early to let me sneak out of my hostel and spend the whole day together. Shopping together Online and the “Paani Puri” eating competition we had. The memories are fresh in my mind. Eating in a perfect restaurant to the roadside Kachori we had while walking to the church, we have been a versatile couple :)


All your dreams are securely stacked up in my memory. Be it “The Silicon Valley Project”. Or owning a private jet. I have all of them noted down. Do you remember the first proposal of your startup company? I have it safe with me. But before everything, don’t forget to present me with a full course meal when we meet. I will take care of the dessert part ;) Okay, this was a joke. I will happily be your assistant in the kitchen.


I Love You.

I will love to get old with you.

I will love to have children with you.

I will love to share my life with you.


Sometimes, I feel surprised by my own luck that I have you, to spend my whole life with. Our journey was not a bed of roses. We have been through lots of ups and downs. But, even our fights bring us closer instead of pushing us apart. Our Love continues to grow every day. Never have I thought crying on the stairs of IL Temple that one day, I will have the privilege to call you my Husband.


You have always inspired me to push my limits and explore more. Yes, without you my life is a complete void. And even education cannot fill this empty space, I have experienced this and I know with you I can do wonders. Without you, even the 24 hours seem useless. We both share our life and life goals. You have made my life much better than what it was 2 years back. I can’t wait to see ourselves 5,10 or 50 years next because I know it will be great! And remember “Choti Baby” will play more with me than you.


The saddest part of this day is not being able to hug you tight and whisper “I Love You” in your ears. I know it’s our second anniversary and we have spent both the special days away from each other. But there are many more anniversaries to come and I will be there with you in the upcoming years to celebrate this day with you.


I know this gift is not up to the mark of perfection. I really wanted to do something very special. But this COVID has made the wait longer.


Remember the day I begged for one chapter in your book? Now I can happily agree to cover more than half the pages of your life.


“Tumhe smjh ni aarha hai. I am in Love with you.”

In Spite of all the wonderful ways you have expressed your love, this line will remain the best of all. This line always brings a smile on my face :)


With Love,

Your Better-half <3




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Charu Thakur
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 23:48
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