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My Love for coding

Charu Thakur
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 23:28

The recent Government education policy has brought forward the importance of Coding in our professional life. Since Standard 7th I have been coding at a very basic level. This continued till Standard 10th where I scored very good marks in Computer Science and used to excel in almost every Computer science Olympiad conducted.


Things changed drastically when I went coaching for JEE preparation. I lost touch of my favorite subject, immersing myself in the world of Science. But finally, I got hold of Computer Science back as I took admission in IIIT. Having prior knowledge of coding made my journey a lot easier than my fellow batchmates here. And of course, I enjoyed the attention.


Begginer in coding

My Preparation Before


I started extensive coding from December 2019 where I aimed at getting 5 stars on the Hackerrank platform. I slowly shifted towards Codechef and was doing pretty well for a beginner level in the contests. In the Lockdown period, I started web development in depth. I was confident (overconfident) that coding was my strong part. Meanwhile a senior of mine too kept on insisting me for not leaving coding.


How things changed later?


Then came the day of realization. I took part in a coding contest and scored just average. My batchmate too solved the same number of questions, but he wanted to solve more. More than what a freshman can solve. This hit me hard. I was never like this. Being average was never in the list of qualities I carried. The realization was cold. It threw me down to reality. The reality of the tag of "Average". I admit I can't be perfect always. But that doesn't mean I will stop my race to become the best. What if 1st Year students are supposed to solve only a set of questions? I will solve more than that. The fire to be the Best was again in my heart and soul.


After Realization


I started extensive coding the next day. Target was an unrealistic 100 questions in a week. I removed all social media apps from my phone. The results of the semester were out which again broke me down. But I didn't give up. I thoroughly solved 10 questions a day. There were days when I even solved 15 questions. I even insisted on my friends to join, but they gave up after a few days.


After almost 10 days, I achieved my first 100 questions target of Leetcode. It felt awesome. I was so proud of myself. Not just for completing the target, but for not giving up in between. I was also managing my online classes alongside. But my hard work had to be kept on real tests in the contests.


Programming for all!

The Results


My performance was extremely poor in the Google Kickstart Contest. I could solve just one question. It felt as if all my efforts have gone in vain. Nonetheless, it was the biggest name in the IT Industry, Google. The same day, I had another Codechef short contest. My confidence was buried inside the earth after the Google contest. This time, my efforts didn't go unnoticed. I secured a Global rank of 261. Hard work pays off. This time, I not only solved the questions expected by a beginner but also questions that my seniors failed to solve.


This complete transformation was only because of hard work. "To A willing mind, nothing is impossible."



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Charu Thakur
Mon, 08/31/2020 - 23:28
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