College Canteen~ Our Favourite Spot

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Anuradha Thakur
Fri, 08/28/2020 - 12:28
College canteen

Sameer, Radhika, Amit, Rani and I are the most cool gang in the College. And our favourite spot is Canteen in the college. This lockdown has made us realise the importance of our college and canteen. We are so bored at our homes. Whenever we have video calls, we discuss our golden memories of college canteen.


The Most Tragic Part

We are final year students

It means that we will never be able to go back to college canteens as Students. We will pass out in this lockdown period only.


I miss our canteen uncle very much. And the chotu, who was always teased by Sameer.

Radhika was always into music in canteen.

Our gang


Secretly studying in the canteen

Whenever I reached College early, I used to read in canteen inspite of library. Canteen is such an amazing place.


So many ongoing pranks and samosa around the corner. Amit was so fond of canteen burger.  He even missed classes to have the fresh burgers everyday.

Now, he recalls those burgers. And we tease him sending images of those burgers in our WhatsApp group.

Me in canteen



Her Silence Attracted Proposal

Actually, we always used to meet in canteen after our classes got over. Since we all are from different departments, we had different timings of classes. 

Once, Rani's class was over early, she was waiting for all of us in canteen.


She is usually very silent person.

Sitting her alone, one junior proposed her. And she kept on smiling instead of anything.

Rani in Canteen

And we just entered the canteen right then.

She even burst into laughter seeing us there.

We took nice class of the junior.

He flew away.


Cold Coffee with Gulab Jamun

Our canteen uncle makes the world's best Gulab Jamun. Sameer is just mad behind these gulab jamun.

Chotu is often loved for Cold Coffee. Everybody loves our canteen cold coffee. 

Once Gulab Jamun was so hot. Still, it feels yummy to eat even the hot Gulab Jamuns.


My Favourite Canteen Food Idlis

My favourite canteen food is idlis. I just love it. Sameer and Radhika don't like idlis. Nor they like any South Indian food. Still I often force them to eat idlis along with me.

Now, I have make them also addicted to idlis.

Our joy and smile is incomparable when we are in canteens.

Sameer and I , often play pranks on almost everyone. 

We act like Professors sometimes. We do their mimicry and do fun with our juniors. 

Us in canteen


​​​I miss these amazing things. Last days, when we were enjoying College canteen. Never before we knew that we will land up into such Pandemic scenario. I miss that I should have eaten more idlis in the canteen. My mother doesn't cook such yummy idlis at home.

Us in cateen

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Anuradha Thakur
Fri, 08/28/2020 - 12:28
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