Your love is a POEM!

from the memory

Isha Dhingra
Wed, 08/26/2020 - 16:25


Pen to paper!!

I wrote this poem about my poetic love in school, when we don't know the actual Meaning of love . Love is something more than just words. I tried to put some of my feelings in words. We can never express love no matter how much we write, love have to be alive, one should feel that fragrance of love around. 


This is not about feeling, but what I feel.

This is not about capturing the moment, but my heart is truly captured, by the poetry within your love. 

I didn't always pour out my heart,but again and again; your love is been poured into my soul. Your love has always been at the very center of my heart, a forever love affair, growing stronger and stronger. Your love is the pillar, the foundation that grounds My heart; the poetry that moves my soul, 

Your love is a poem:)

My heart is trying to give your love a voice. The melody within my heart, is your love song playing within my soul; I hear an endless love. Your love is what first moved my heart, but now flows in an endless loop;  throughout my very soul.

A breathtaking love, that takes my every breath. Living is not living,if it's not lived; throughout your love, and your love alone. A love that has my mind so blown, that I can't even believe; these words are even within my heart. Your love is so more, than a poem ; but truly poetic.

How deep does the love go, my heart is still trying to know. Your love gives my heart an overflow, words can't even express ; to what depths , your love is trying to take my heart? 

But this one thing I know, my heart is truly In love. Your love is the poetry that moves my soul, the true emotions that have left my heart vulnerable , a wonderful place to be, within every poetic moment.

I will forever let your love speak to my heart,my soul still needs to discover ; more ways to write about this poetic love . Your love is s poem, let my heart forever be the muse.!

Your love is more than just words, it's living , very active; deep within every breath of my  heart. Loving you, is so much more than me writting pretty words. It's the poetic love, that doesn't just move ; but truly inspires my soul. 

Let my heart be a true instrument, let your love forever be the inspiration .my heart is on a journey., With the love that flows deep within; moving throughout the innermost parts of my soul . 

This love is a poem, my heart has so much more to say about THIS POETIC LOVE.:)


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Isha Dhingra
Wed, 08/26/2020 - 16:25
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