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Shah Parwez
Mon, 08/24/2020 - 15:22
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August 24, Monday

You know sometimes to learn from a mistake you had to swallow a better pill, mess up something so basic that in dreams you wouldn't have thought you would do mistake like that. But whatever goof up you do it all serves up to the bigger picture and things will eventually make sense in future, though you would have been super pissed at that particular moment as one should be but at last when you will look back you will see that it was meant to be that way so that you land up at this present moment. Atleast I think this way I can't tell about others.

So as the title to the journal gives aways my mistake, it also gives an advice. I messed up big time due to not reading guidelines of one college form. I had applied to St. Xavier's College Kolkata for an admission in the course of B.Sc in Journalism and Videography it was the course I thought that was made for me and as I have said earlier my father didn't wanted me to to pursue Journalism as my graduation due to skepticism regarding the future, I still applied for it and actually cleared the entrance part of it..


But my future wasn't aligning with me going to St. Xavier's or I see this as God had different plans for my future than what I was thinking of at that time. So let's start with the beginning, I had just passed out from 12th didn't wanted to do engineering applying for different colleges,different course, uncertain about the future. In the midst of all this I applied for St. Xavier's College Kolkata for the Journalism course. Till that time I had applied to many colleges so I knew what was required, so in my overconfidence I didn't went through the guidelines much and moved on to the form filling part, I applied went for the entrance cleared it got a call up from College to verify certificates and complete the procedure for admission. I was so happy, even though my father was a bit critical, but he agreed to me going to St. Xavier's as we all know it's a great college with good reputation. 

I went to college after three days for further process I was accompanied by my father, mother and grandfather( my mom's maternal uncle) who lived in Kolkata. So all was great I reached College filled out the form there got approved from the department head of course and went for the final step the stamp of Principal on my documents after that I had to pay fees and my admission was complete but when the clerk of Principal pointed out that the documents I had submitted was at fault, actually my top 4 subjects included Physical Education and the college doesn't regard Physical Education to be as top 4. My top 4 subject percentage was 81 I had got 120 in Entrance so total score of my application was 201 and 200 was the cutoff so I cleared it but when the mistake was pointed out and Physical Education was not considered my Top 4 percentage felt down to 79 which meant my overall score was 199 one marks less to cutoff. I was denied admission because of that mistake and I was heart broken. I tried to talk with authorities, my father also tried to talk about it but they were adamant. So I didn't got an admission because of a small blunder I made when I didn't read the guidelines while filling form, if I had read that earlier maybe I would now be an Journalism Graduate rather tha Literature Graduate.

So that's it for today until the next time stay safe and happy..

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Shah Parwez
Mon, 08/24/2020 - 15:22
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