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Sat, 08/22/2020 - 01:24
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I think that I am glad enough to have done a short term beautician course just before lockdown. Yes, I practice this now on my mother and Sister. The lockdown has been more happier and full of training. These people call me now and then in their rooms. Afterall, they have got a free beauty assistance now.

Well, I also love this. I have been always interested in beauty. I thought to get into beauty industry. I even dream to be a celebrity makeup artist someday.

Beauty parlour therapist


How the Journey Began?

I have had semester break in the December 2019. I always put lots of makeup on my face and clicked pictures in this semester break.

One day, my mother suggested me to do a beautician course from nearby beauty parlour. I laughed at her advice then. But now, I am greatly thankful to her. 

I somewhere liked her idea. Although, I was afraid of my father. I didn't know who would convince him. My mother promised me father's assurance.

Within no time, mummy the great convinced dad. And my beautician course journey began.

Learning makeup


The First Day at Beauty Parlour

I was curious and also nervous at the same time. I expected a small questions answers in beginning. However, they were really cool people.

Everybody called the main beautician head as Didi in the beauty parlour. She was certified beauty therapist and Cosmetologist from Bangalore.


Didi sensed my nervousness. She made me sit on the chair. And started doing skin relaxation therapy on my face. I was more shocked at her action.


She talked really less. Her assistants explained me that she calms people on their first day. I had little basics and understanding tutorials.




What I Learnt in this Course?

My beautician course was of three months. Beginning from mid of December to mid of March. Thank God, lockdown was  done on 23rd March. I had already finished my course till then. 


The learnings in the course varies from skin to hair care, techniques and treatment. There were beauty classes on skin theory, different types of skin and hair and treatments.


I learnt different kinds of hair styling, hair colouring, personal grooming, hair cut, and organic facial. I learnt light to heavy make-up also.


I was enjoying this entire course. It was simply wow and amazing. I learnt the training and practice sessions. 




Lessons Learnt in this three month course

There are many hidden lessons in it. You will learn to explore so many things in beauty course. You have so many opportunities in beauty industry. You can become nail artist , make-up artist , beautician or even hair stylist.


The vocational courses and training can open new doors to jobs. We just need to learn and grow through hard work and determination.

Nail artist


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Anonymous User

Story written as Anonymous User

Sat, 08/22/2020 - 01:24
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