Peer Pressure ~ Pushed into the world of Smoking

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Thu, 08/20/2020 - 11:49
Smoking in party

When you are young, you want to try many new things. You love experimenting in teenage. I was one of them. Peer pressure is the another driving factor in this age. I was pushed into the world of smoking. I don't blame my peer  pressure alone. I was equally responsible for this. But then my dear friend (reader), you have to see the inner light. You should have someone supportive that can take you out of such mess in life. Thanks to my family and friends.




How it began?

One fine winter day, we were partying at my friend, Trisha's house. It happened then. 

Few boys were smoking along with girlfriends. 

I tried to shift apart. It choked me hard. Then , they told me that you must try it. You are not a kid who get choked by smoking. 

I resisted. But they forced. I tried a bit, and this time, I choked really harder. 


Smoking in party outside


How it turned into a habit?

We had same gang in the school.

They used to have casual small breaks of smoking.

I even saw them, smoking near the school bus. 

I tried to maintain a distance. However , they included me in the gang. To look more cool like them, I also began smoking.

Slowly , and slowly, I was becoming addicted.

I even started trying it in the classroom with my friends. I also started involving my other friends into smoking.

Friends smoking



Parties turned into Smoking Zone

Unaware of the consequences , we started throwing smoking parties. 


We were at the edge of Chain smoker.


The habit was turning into destruction. 

The peer pressure was really high to keep along with this habit.

We were increasing our circle.


Soon, the hottest guy of the class introduced alcohol and drugs in the party. I could not say no to him. I started taking drugs too.





Things Sound really Cool in the teenage but only to have devastating outcomes later

Yes, devastating outcomes later. Once we were caught by our parents in the party.

We were restricted to party anymore.

Our pocket money was also stopped.


I started stealing in the house.

The day, my parents came to know about it. I was prepared for a big scolding. However, they didn't talk to me at all.

Their silence broke me apart.

This silence turned me into a Non-Smoker. Though it was not easy all at one go. Gradually, it happened.

Quit smoking



I decided to Quit

Yes, I took the resolution and decided to quit. I read a lot about the harmful effects of smoking on the health. Reading is always beneficial. I coupled rehabilitation techniques with them.

My parents took me out for jogging and swimming. I was trying to recreate myself. 

I stopped smoking. I also conduct campaigns now for teenagers.

Here, all I want to say is that Quit Smoking it you care for your family and friends.

I did. I quit. And, now I can witness the change in my life.


It's never easy, I know. But, it is not impossible. So drag yourself to the possibilities of healthy life.


Say no to smoking





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Anonymous User

Story written as Anonymous User

Thu, 08/20/2020 - 11:49
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