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Wed, 08/19/2020 - 17:20
Passionate teenager

As a teenager, I was an angry impulsive girl. I was very revolutionary in Ideology. My mindset never focus on a single thing. But at the same time, I was passionate. Yes, very passionate about my dreams. I became one of the youngest entrepreneurs of the time. There is no age for business. And I proved this. Here, I am sharing my teenage Diaries.


Mummy's scolding and lessons

Mothers are always behind of teenagers. Whatever they do, mother will scold them. My teenage was no different. I was always answerable to my mother and family.

Sometimes, this grew in bitterness. This led to the sour relations. I was turning into revolutionary child.

Then , you must be curious what happened next. What turned me into a successful teenager in such a young age.

Mom scolding

Music is a tonic now

I remained sad, upset and depressed over the months. I was growing into an angry young girl. Till then, one of my friend suggested me to listen to music. I shifted to Sufi music. This was a true transformation in my life. I saw a Change within me.

Even my mother  witnessed this.

I was revolving into a new self.

I started relaxing. I explored relaxation in new ways.

Teenage enjoying



Challenges in the Journey

Yes , challenges always cross your paths. You have never been left without problems. What I believe is that Possibilities increase by challenges. 


To find out the pearl of success , you need to dive into the ocean of challenges.

In life, nothing comes for free, you have to be tough enough. You need to fight against the situations. 

In entrepreneurship, nothing is definite. Nothing arrives at fixed intervals.

You need to be extra patient to deal the circumstances. You need a motivating team behind for support.


Writing and Matchstick 

Writing was always closer to me. I set up a content writing company. I started writing my own books also.

My new platform had many articles and blogs.

My company received a new designation in the market.


I also set up a new matchstick firm.

This had seeds within it. When you thrown the matchstick after usage and burning. The wooden stick part thrown in the ground turns into sapling. 

I received an award for this.

I was growing and flying high.

My ideas were accepted internationally.

For me, this was like living a dream with open eyes.

Me as an entrepreneur


Lesson to all the Readers 

All the readers, reading this. I want to tell you one simple ordinary secret.


The first step towards start-up is believe in your own ideas and in yourself.

Believe will take you far away.

Believe can change a teenager into a strong successful adult.

Believe will help you cover up miles.

Today, believe in yourself and start walking on your journey with unshakeable faith in yourself.

Believe in yourself


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Anonymous User

Story written as Anonymous User

Wed, 08/19/2020 - 17:20
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