What I wanna be in next 5 years?

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Isha Dhingra
Fri, 08/14/2020 - 06:02

Sometimes you just sit in the corner of your room late at night, holding pen in yoir hand and diary in front of you. It's time when you were about to write what you wanna in next 5 years. I did the same ! Exactly at 2 am I decided to finally write " what I wanna be in next 5 years" and at that time, lots of thoughts were doing knock knock in my head. I was going to write my plans, my goals , how I will fulfill my bucket lists and dreams. inshort, I was going to make a promise to myself .  And after thinking for couple of minutes I wrote!

I wanna be someone who will always put relations first over any other thing. I will be a person of independence, a person who will never gonna fail and if I did I will make sure to learn from my failures.A person full of confidence and courage. I wanna be a reason of my mother's smile, I wanna be a reason that people could would trust.  I wanna be a successful person who could help any other person ever been in the same condition of helplessness as me in my past. I wanna be a person with best collection of cars , a big house and lots of vacations. And many other things that will include being successful and rich as I always wanna be. 


 But that's not the actual paragraph that was approved by me.  One day my mum got my diary from my room and as any other mother she wanted to know what's inside. And yes she read that !   At night , she came into my room holding a bucket of choco chip ice cream and a bowl of Nachos , she kept them aside and sit beside me. She looked into my eyes and said , "you don't have to a person who's only be thinking about how to be rich only to improve our Lifestyles. You don't have to crush your dreams just to fulfill other's. It's your life, and for sure you are not getting another one. Don't be a hamster who just keep running in a same wheel all his life but end up going no where, you are going to end up being rich but not happy , don't write what you wanna be in next 5 years.instead, "who you wanna be in next 5 years" . 


 And that thing hits differently!   Now I decided to again write but now with heart that will be " Who I wanna be in next 5 years"?

......  So! 


To be perfectly honest I haven't the slightest idea!   Most kids of my age are still trying to figure it out .and may be it's less about what I wanna be and more about " who I wanna be ". because I can tell you this! In next 5 years , I wanna be my brother's joy, I wanna be my dad's love who's no one with me but his love is still alive, and my mom warmth. In five years I want to be ria's kindness( my bestfriend's girlfriend) , I want to be Sagar's courage and his mom's wisdom.   But most of all, I want to be my bestfriend's laughter. All those things together is who I wanna be in 5 years. And anything else beyond that? Well , I might have to wait until I  get where I am going to figure that out ! Till then let face what's next.  And ya that's what I wrote ! And there was no regrets but lots ofhappiness and smile:)   

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Isha Dhingra
Fri, 08/14/2020 - 06:02
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