Preeti Nanda~ New Bond, New Friend, Internship Friend

Friend cum Younger Sister to me

Anuradha Thakur
Sun, 08/09/2020 - 19:13
New friend

Internships are usually cool. They make you ready for Professional Life. They engage you in real life work experience.

​​​​​​This is about a new friend, I came across in the lockdown.

A new Internship comes along with new friends.

Preeti Nanda, an enthusiastic girl from Delhi University. She is pursuing her Bachelor's in Computer Science. 

New friend like rainbow


Big mess is deadline.

One fine summer morning.

My phone beeped.

An enquiry about the internship work deadline.

And I confirmed her that I am as lazy as her. I have also not completed it yet.

We had little informal conversation.

Interns in reality get more cosy together.



Chai (tea),She convinced me.

One evening, I was making tea.

Her message came. I replied her late.

I told her that I was making tea.

She exclaimed in joy, "Chai is Nasha." (Means tea is her addiction).

She takes tea twice in a day, early morning and evening.

Before I could say her anything, she elaborated further. 

I was wondering about tea and her overwhelming pleasure for tea addiction.

I sent her an audio reply.

"I will take tea today. Though, I don't take tea. It was for my dad. But after hearing so much about tea, I want to take it".

She complemented , "Take biscuits along with it".

I did exactly the same.

Dipping biscuit in my tea.

Yeah, it was cool.

Tea together



Now an intern was more than a friend to me.

Her messages started with di or didi made me feel belongingness to her.

She turned into my younger sister.

Days changed.

We met.

We went to movies.

We went to long drives.

Suddenly, she turned out to be my partner in crime.

She looks like doll. A bubbly and beautiful girl in appearance.

Our Journey of friendship was getting crazy by each passing day.


A younger sister through Internship was something new , atleast to me.

That's how , she is special in my memories.

She talks about telepathy and we roast many things together.

We talk almost everything.

We have similar taste and craziness.

She even helps me in Internship.

We both are like partners.

Helping out each other 

Partying along

Craving out memories

So what's your unique story about friendship

Comment below and pen down your extraordinary story

This was a potential story about new definitions in friendship.

New approach about changing lives and friendship in Corona period.

Let's have a healthy unique friendship in this Pandemic rather than to get worried.

Don't crawl and get sad about  present life.

Explore new realities.


Look behind the horizon.

Trust me, new beginning is at the doorstep.

But you need to open the door of happiness in lockdown, even in Pandemic.

Happiness 😎


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Anuradha Thakur
Sun, 08/09/2020 - 19:13
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