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Shah Parwez
Sun, 08/09/2020 - 15:43
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August 9, Sunday

Life throws you options/choices left right and center throughout its existence, but to choose which option/choice to take relies on us. One takes decision based on what he/she thinks would be great or good for him/her in the present and coming future. There are lot of factors that one weighs before taking any major decision in life. I came across a situation two years ago where I had two options/choices and I had to make a decision and choose one option that would completely change the course of my life. 

I had just passed out from 12th with 80% I didn't knew what to do further, I was confused didn't wanted to do engineering, I always had and will have only one dream to travel the world enough in my life that I have enough travel stories to tell. So Journalism seemed a realistic career. Though my father didn't wanted me to pursue through and through Journalism so he said do normal graduation and them pursue Journalism in your Master's. So I had applied for Bhawanipore College, D.U. and St.Xaviers. I got Admission in Bhawanipore and D.U. respectively.



The important decision was to choose between the two for any other normal student would blindly choose D.U. over any other private college. I was no different. I chose D.U. over Bhawanipore and I stand at a point where till now that decision had paid off. Lead up to the decision was actually hard and at one time I really had second thoughts on leaving Kolkata and Bhawanipore for D.U. for those who don't know D.U. releases cutoffs and if your percentage matches with the cutoffs you can take admission in the college and pursue the course with which your percentage matches. So my percentage was not so high so it was a struggle to get in D.U. my percentage matched with the 4th cutoff I went to the college where I was met with disappointment I came to know that because of stream changing 2.5% of top 4 percentage will be reduced. That meant I was 2.5% behind the required cutoff. There was very less chance that there will be more than 5 cutoffs so my chances of admission were very low.

Heartbroken I took admission in Bhawanipore my life in Kolkata was surprisingly good. I made two three good friends in the very first week. Anuj, Srijana, Pranay, Gaurav, Dhruv, Yash became friends but I lost touch with them after I moved away but I made a lifelong friend in Ali. Ali and I have kept in touch, met after moving out aswell. I had a great time in Bhawanipore I was close to joining the college T.T. team as well. I had impressed the T.T. coach with my T.T. skills. K was also in Kolkata and we went out a couple of times during my stay there life was good. But after a month D.U.'s sixth cutoff came and I had got a chance to get admission. I talked with father he said if you want to study there go study there, K also said it has always been your wish to study there so go. I slept over the thought and chose to go for D.U. leaving behind my friends, K and probably my chance to play University level T.T. I always think how my life would have been if I had chosen to stay at Kolkata. The life not lived.. .

That's it for today until the next time stay safe and happy...

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Shah Parwez
Sun, 08/09/2020 - 15:43
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