Shah's Journal: Friendship Day

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Shah Parwez
Sun, 08/02/2020 - 16:20

July 2, Sunday

The festivities continue, Yesterday it was Eid although it is a three day festival so it is today as well, accompanying Eid is Friendship Day. I have fond memories of Friendship day. When I was in school I got lots of friendship band from friends, different types of bands actually. There were competition on who would distribute better bands. We did this from 2-3 class if I am not wrong uptill the 8 I guess. After that “we grew up” so yeah it was fun. After that I don't remember celebrating Friendship day. Oh yes we kind off celebrated Friendship Day last year. So it all started with me not telling my friends about my birthday as you know I don't celebrate birthdays so when they eventually found out they brought up cake and stuff on first of August we celebrated. After that it was Muku's idea that we should wear same color of dress the next Monday because Friendship Day is on Sunday and College is closed on Sunday so in lieu of that we should wear same color of dress so it will show that we are in the same group. So we decided to wear black on Monday. On Monday I, Chris, Nupu, Muku, Divi, Raju were the one who showed up with black tshirts and dresses on Monday. We clicked photos together and on top of that we bought band with the beads of our name. We all bought one for ourselves it was a fun day, it reminded me of my school days.


On the front of my day to day chores, I didn't sleep much yesterday so I went on full sleep mode today. After waking up I had a lot of work to do today. I created a new channel on Rizzle app, Daily sports it took my time in the morning I gathered news and then shooted it. I had to create a poster for N.S.S also apart from the I have to make almost 70 certificates as well. A lot of work is lined up in the upcoming weeks. So it's look like I will have a busy week after so long. Just before writing this journal I recieved a message on my class group that the results have been out. Well I wasn't nervous this time around because our University has already said that the marks will be given on the basis of our previous semesters. Also I have got good marks on the assignments so I knew I would get above 6 so I was pretty poised. I checked the results and I got 6.57 I was happy, it pushed up my cgpa of year because I had got low marks in the previous sem so it was relief. I got 6.18  this year. I need to score more than 6.4 in cgpa next year to push my overall percentage above 60. Above 60 percentage is a must for me it's just my psychological number to make me happy so I am aiming to finish my college days with percentage above 60. 

That was all for today, until the next time stay safe and happy..

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Shah Parwez
Sun, 08/02/2020 - 16:20
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