Little Things make me the Happiest

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Suvasree Bandyopadhyay
Sat, 08/01/2020 - 18:52
Little things

I am someone who gets excited about little things in their life. It does not mean I am not ambitious or do not have the hunger to achieve big things in life. I do. However, I also feel it is important to find happiness in little things around us because that is what keeps us going further.

When I was a child, I never threw tantrums to my parents and elders and asked to bring me all the toys, dolls or cars because since that period only I started finding happiness in the little things of life.

Little things

I was happy to learn how to write, how to read and how to walk. Although children become genuinely happy in little things and that is a quality that gets vanished as soon as we start grwoing up. Luckily, I still have that quality in me due to which little and tiny thinhs make me excited and make me want to crave for more.

Even today, every little thing that happens, makes me happy. I find the smell of new books fascinating. It helps me cope up with my life in a better way. I love collecting movie tickets, transportation tickets and food coupons because they give me joy and later when I look at them, it brings a sense of happiness.

Starry night sky

I love staring at the sky for infinite amount of time. Watching the stars gives me patience and makes me a happier person. I have no concrete reason as to why I love staring at the stars so much but it makes me feel a lot better. Whenever I have bad days or I feel low due to some reaosn, I just look at the stars. They are so organized. The scenario of the night sky brings me joy and peace. It makes me believe in the greater universe and the cosmos. Although, I do not believe in God, or rather a particular idea of worshipping dolls in name of God. I believe it is the inner belief in the greater energy of the universe that is what controls everything. 

I love looking the blue sky in the afternoon when the birds return to their nests flying from one place to the other. The sight of the birds the wide blue sky makes me happy. I imagine how they would be returning to their children now with food and they would be so happy to have their parents back at home. I love how the sky has different colors at different times in a day. Even it changes in every season. Before it rains, after the rain, the early morning sky, rhe night sky, everything about the sky makes me feel better and it keeps me wondering how vast the cosmos is and how kittle our existences are!

Sky I was so happy to find out that the neighbor's child has finally learned walking and then after a dew days she started writing. These things are the little reasons I live for. We all need reasons to keep living and I feel that we all have to start finding our happiness in the little things around us. Having huge expectations leads to heartbreaks and disappointments. I have seen many people who do not have time to enjoy their every day life get crashed because something they wanted so desperately did not take place accoridng to their wish. I feel sorry for them. We have to learn to live a little, each day. Sure, big reaons and goals should be there. But these little and tiny things are something that keeps us alive every day.

I have performed in various indian classical vocal competitions. In many cases I won rhe first or the second position and in the rest of the cases, I didn't. But the fact that I got to perform in those stages among so many talented candidates and in front of so many amazingly talented and successful judges never failed to fill my mind with immense pleasure and gratefulness. An important fact that helps me find and enjoy happiness in little things is the fact that I do not compare myself with anyone else. It is a huge thing and we do not realise its importance unless it starts affecting us. I have seen several children and their parents who constantly compare their kids with others' which not only brings them disappointment but it is also extremely harmful for the children's mental health. It just prepares the children for a rat race and they constantly throughout their whole life struggle to survive and exist.  Even when we grow up, we constantly keep comparing our abilities with others around us. I have somehow found a way to stop doing it and it has genuinely helped me to have a better life of peace and harmony. It is true that we are currently living in an extremely competitive environment but this fact should never affect our ability to make ourselves happy with little and tiny things around us. Simply having a good hair day makes me happy. Even when my friends do well in their exams, it makes me proud and happy. When I see my peers getting better at things they are passionate about, it gives me immense joy. When I write a good write up, it makes me happy. When I understand some critical concepts or literary theories, it brings me immense joy and a sense of peacefulness.

Photo from Digital Trends

The one perfect random click makes me happy. It also makes me want to crave for more. Photography, as I have already mentioned in my previous story always makes me happy and it has become an inevitable part of my life that helps me have a better life in terms of my mental and psychological health. When I end up editing a picture with the perfect amount of brightness, saturation and blemishes, it makes me happy.

Little things are big

When I win a Ludo match against my friends or maa or baba, it gives me immense joy. One may say there is nothing to be happy about these silly things and one should focus on the larger aspects of life. Well, I totally agree and I do not intend to belittle the ultimate goals and aims everyone needs to have in their life. However, if we only focus on that and forget to enjoy the little things of our every day life then our life will become a competition and that will rather be called "surviving" and not "living."

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Suvasree Bandyopadhyay
Sat, 08/01/2020 - 18:52
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