The Feeling Of Love

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" darling, at any rate have this tea or by evening you will be depleted."

"Mother, you realize I feel like retching when I drink at one stretch. I will have this bread."


"Gracious, no Mom, my transport came. See you around evening time Mom. Love you."


This was my every day long distance race. I am a learner programming engineer.


"One pass to Kakkanad please." It's been a protracted excursion. In spite of the fact that it took one hour to arrive at the spot, this transport was secure.


I set the headphones on and tuned to my preferred channel.


"Hai, Good Morning everybody. This is Shaan, "Kochi Ki Jaan."


Goodness! What a lovely voice he had. I was a devoted enthusiast of Club FM and Shaan. Caps off to all the RJ's. I esteem their pace of language and their capacity to keep up their audience members excited.


"Being profoundly adored by somebody invigorates you, cherishing somebody profoundly gives you mental fortitude. Love, love and consistently love."


"With this exquisite Lao Tzu lines, I want all the continuous sweethearts and darlings to be a Happy Valentine's Day."


"Today we have numerous commitments. The principal melody is from the film Bachelor's Party. Appreciate and stay tuned to Club FM."


It's been my main tune. I appreciate all the sentimental, sweet tunes. I was profoundly enthusiastic about learning the verses of the melodies that contacted my heart.




What's more, today was February fourteenth, the day of Valentines. I would be going to sit tight for my "Ruler Charm" to come and propose me over our office's window. Be that as it may, during our school days, we did this.


It was the principal day in school for Valentines. We went throughout the break and assumed control over the spots close to veranda on the third floor. I had the option to see him from that point, my Valentine.


I have heard this day our Valentine would look more beautiful than any other time in recent memory. The "Gulmohar tree" that was drenched in the first part of the day haze was my Valentine. The red blossoms shivered over the sky like red patches. On my approach to school, just these trees caught my look.


We started singing our tune for the afternoon. That was enjoyable. I used to appreciate all the adoration remarks given and taken. Be that as it may, never attempted to give and take. I accepted that this day was a day to appreciate and adore all the awesome things around. Indeed, I was frantically infatuated with my "Gulmohar tree."


"Expectation you delighted in the tune. Our inbox flooded with commitments."


When "Kochi Ki Jaan" began his discussions eagerly, I returned from the musings I despite everything esteem. I miss my first love's red colors.


I arrived at the workplace. I saw a red box before the front counter when I swiped the entrance card. I sat down with befuddled musings.


The artistic affiliation group supported the present festival. They planned all with a great deal of tension. So today, there was no work and undertaking sheets. We changed our brains from work mode to game mode.


"Game 1: Treasure Hunt."


Rejin, one of the volunteers of the present program declared.


He proceeded, "You will be on your undertaking group. The principal action is to fix the riddles in the yellow chit that you have been given."


inquiries were basic, However, the lowlife was the time. It was nearly understood by different groups. We started googling the inquiries. (There was no standard that we ought not google.)


Inside five minutes, we understood them. At that point we scrambled for the following chit. It was the hint that read, "Life is Good" for the fortune chase.


"What is it?" We gazed confusingly at one another. I composed the line in the inquiry bar and hit enter. The outcomes originated from which "LG" hardware were referenced. It was LG's slogan or saying.


 I attempted to review LG's electronic gadgets in the workplace. The best option, I had as a main priority was the climate control system. Be that as it may, our office was a brought together one. Out of nowhere there set off a thought.


It had two part ACs of LG. I called Mathew and went to the gathering room. I checked the first and he checked the subsequent one. At long last, he got a dim red rose blossom from it's back. we have won.


I gave the pack of chocolates, that we got as a prize to the group and took the rose bloom with me.


"Red rose is an absolute necessity for the afternoon", I winked at it and grinned.


"Next challenge is love letter composing. It is possible that you do it secretly or you could make reference to your name. Put it in the red box before mid-day break." Rejin declared .


I needed to part in it. Be that as it may, to whom I should compose. Professing to be somebody and composing a sentimental letter to an individual whom we don't cherish, how is it plausible? That was not Amal's line.


I thought profoundly. For what reason don't I adopt an alternate strategy? I took my pen and began composing.



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Sat, 07/25/2020 - 15:05
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