Shah's Journal: Becoming Mr. Freshers

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Shah Parwez
Sat, 07/18/2020 - 16:03
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July 18, Saturday

It feels so fulfilling and at the same time empty, happiness and sadness when random YouTube recommendations, Instagram popups teleports you to the times when you watched that series, or to that conversation you had with your friend, that story you want to tell it's nostalgic, You admire and embrace the moments at that time you wouldn't have thoughts that this will be the memories you cherish after sometimes. Even if at that you didn't find it funny, exciting or fun but after a time you look at that moment in different lights. I was scrolling through YouTube when this How I Met Your Mother video popped up. I have talked about How I Met Your Mother in my earlier Journals when I was watching it, one will find my views on the series there but when I saw the video all the memories came back, I felt so different I really don't know how to express that feeling. 

I have talked earlier also that how July has always been a great month for me and it is again going to be the same. July has been so busy and hopeful for me, I hope in this last 10 days it goes as it has always gone. Also I saw another beautiful sunset yesterday, it's like god has listened my disappointment of not having clear sunsets in July. I have attached the picture below.



So now to the story I want to write about today, the freshers day, it is again one of those story when it took place I felt a bit embarrassing but now it's more like a funny story.

Freshers Day

So I had just joined my college in August and I was in my second week at College when Freshers Day took place. Uptill then I didn't knew much about other classmates, I didn't had any friends. I took time to make friends and open up with them. So when I arrived on the day of Freshers, I saw no one in the class. Also I didn't knew until then that it was freshers day, I was in my joggers and white tee. So when I reached the class and there was no one I was standing outside the class when this senior came to me and asked what I was doing there. Then from him I came to knew that it was Freshers Day. He said one can say you definitely didn't knew about it because of the way I dressed, we laughed. He then said let's go to the event, I first declined then he said 

“Arre yaar tu mere saath peeche baith jana, snacks khana , dance krna enjoy krna" 

Then I said ok why not let's give it a try. So we went to the auditorium where the event was going on. 


Man when I went in, it was a different world everyone was dressed up and looking their best but that was not my worry, I was the single boy who made it to the Freshers from our class. It was embarrassing, so when I entered the auditorium our department President was there she asked me which year I was from I said first year, and she announced that girls finally a boy from the first year her next words were

' chalo Mr. Fresher to mil gya'

Everyone's eyes were on me a boy in joggers and tee in the Freshers and going to be crowned Mr. Fresher, I was the most luckiest and worst dressed Mr. Fresher in the history. My now friend Deepali who was also the Class C.R came up to me introduced herself and to all the girls present in that auditorium of our class, then we chatted a bit and after that the event started. Everyone performed and did their stuff, I didn't knew what to do so I performed my favorite poem of which I have previously talked in my journals, the road not taken by Robert Frost. As I didn't had any competition so that performance was enough to secure the title. The girls had three rounds to compete and win the title. Esha one of my friends now won the title of Miss Freshers after that we cut cake had dance session everyone enjoyed themselves excluding me I was just standing in a corner and after some time I left the event. Due to this event I became popular in my class and department. For most of time in first semester I was recognized because of this. 

So this was how I became Mr. Fresher, until the next time stay safe and happy.

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Shah Parwez
Sat, 07/18/2020 - 16:03
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