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Shah Parwez
Mon, 07/13/2020 - 17:52
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July 13, Monday

As promised I am starting my series of personal stories in my journal from today. I was wondering about what to write when I woke up today and my cousin sister Sana came up with the inspiration for this journal. I was going to take shower when she came in the room with nervous excitement and announced that CBSE has declared the results for the Senior Secondary students. She appeared this year so she was eager to know how she has fared in the exams. We started to browse results, the website of CBSE kept on crashing we tried for an hour and till writing she doesn't know her result as the website isn't opening. I know the feeling, the butterflies in your stomach when you think about your result. I have been there and I have experienced it all. So here am I sharing those experiences.


Class X Result Day

I don't remember the date but I think it was around 20 to 24 May, and the year was 2016. CBSE declared that the results would be out on either on 21 or 23 May. I have taken liberty with the dates as I don't remember the exact dates. So on 21st May I was literally hooked up with the CBSE website all day refreshing it ever 10 minutes, but the results didn't came out in that day and I was very disappointed. Then 23rd May came it was made clear that the results would be out by 4'o clock so everyone was at ease. I was playing pool on miniclip around 2, the other players was taking much time to take his shot, so I thought why not check the website I opened it in the new tab, so I opened the site went to the results page, I entered my roll no. and date of birth and entered it usually if the results wouldn't have been out it would have said that the results are yet to be declared which happened the first time I did. Then I went back to the pool game then after 5 minutes I went back to the page, and refreshed and submit the form again and it took some time to open and then I saw my name, mother's name and then I scrolled down a bit and saw English 10, Hindi 10 Science 9 Math 10 Social Science 10 overall 9.8, I was overwhelmed.  I shouted to my father who was sitting at a distance that the results are out he said wasn't it supposed to be out at 4 I said yes but my result just opened up, he asked how much did I got I said 9.8 he then said ok. That was it that was the whole scene with my father,he was so chill like no big deal. It actually helped me to not get overboard with pride. Then I called my other friends told them about the results firstly they reacted with shock then they checked theirs, some were happy some disappointed so cool with it. I realized that it doesn't matter after we got admission in class XI it was just like the other class results.


Class XII results

I don't much remember the events of the day I got to know my class XII results. I just know I was in my house, it was the month of Ramadan and it was 30 May I guess and year 2018, the time was around 12:30 because I was going to do prayers of Dhuhr when I thought let's chdck if results are out or not and they were out like an hour ago. So I tried to open the website it crashed 2 3 times, then it opened I entered my details submitted it and there was the result. I was hoping that I just pass by first class because my exams didn't go that well especially Physics. So as my result appeared I was relieved I got 79.6% which I was more than happy to get. The interesting part was the marks of physics, I just attempted 50 marks of questions in the theory paper I got exactly 50 marks in theory of Physics and I am pretty sure I didn't write that was really asked in the paper in some of the questions bit again I was happy with the marks so didn't mattered to me. I then checked my other friends results, told everyone about my results and they were satisfied with it. That was all.

One thing I realised that the results only matter until the point you enter the next level as soon as you enter the next level the value of results are of no significance. And it isn't necessary that being successful in academic is the only way to succeed in life. Life is so much more than just academics, academics is just a part. That was all for now so until the next time stay safe and happy.

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Shah Parwez
Mon, 07/13/2020 - 17:52
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