SELF EXPRESSION ~ The Secret behind Diary keeping

Habit to discover yourself

Anuradha Thakur
Fri, 06/26/2020 - 12:10

Diary keeping is a self-reflection habit. It can be in any form. Some may write diary or journal. The diary writing is a beautiful aspect of self-discovery. You get to know yourself better. This article deals with my own experiences of maintaining digital diaries and paper diaries. While travelling, I prefer digital notepad. When I am at home, I pen down my thoughts on white papers. This article will also describe the benefits of Diary-keeping.


My First Diary

I was an introvert child. I couldn't talk to much people. I was afraid of sharing my true feelings. I had dreams and horror in my mind. I started writing down on paper. It was an enriching experience gradually. I started liking it eventually. Those were the days, when I was a little kid. I used to write small poems and quote of few lines. I was to describe about my pets Bunny the rabbit ,and parrot. Childhood diary was really special. Unknown to world's pain, lies and grief. Unexposed to the world's law. My diary was unexpectedly my world. I still find solace in my pages of diary.


My first diary

My Gifted Pink Diary

My brother gifted me one pink diary when I was in 5th standard. I really loved the colour. The small me, used to flaunt it everywhere. That's how, I kept on writing my feelings. The habit was growing day by day. I was discovering myself in a better way. I have still kept it. It is very valuable to me. My brother not only presented me diary but passed on virtues to me through this diary.

My pink diary

Know Yourself Better

Diary keeping makes you know yourself in a better way. You can write down your fears as well as successful moments in the pages. It helps you to find yourself in a more creative way. The small drawings and doodles found in the pages are our self-motivated images in mind. Some time, it can be little butterflies, waves, hearts, and more fun to showcase yourself. You can share things with your diary which you generally hide due to the fear of judgmental opinions. Diary can be the best way to write down unknown sides of yourself. There are parts within us that is usually hidden. You need to touch yourself and develop bond with yourself. This increases the emotional intimacy with your own self.


Know yourself better

Challenges of Life

You might be struggling on the daily basis. You know what? There is solution for this. How can you ease out your problems? Simply , take the pen and diary and jot down all your problems in one page. Also write the both negative and positive outcomes of those problems. Then analyse yourself. Write down the challenges and solutions to those challenges. This will give you strength to understand about your problem and ways to overcome it. Try it once and witness the change your diary presents it to you.


Outpouring Space

Diary is your personal space to outpour your heavy emotions. It doesn't question back or respond you. It takes all it can within its sublime pages. Texts talk to you after you pen down everything honestly. We all seek our peace of mind and a lonely unique place for ourselves. Try to locate your self in these pages for few mins daily. You will gain positive and productive space for your own creations.

Emotions in diary

Storage of Memories

It is wonderful place where you talk to your own hidden self. You keep the magnificent memories. You dive into the ocean of pages to take out pearl of your memories in the unending waves of diary. A rising records of your lovely lively human experience and existence is stored in your personal diary.

Storage of Memories


Norway Lights captured in my diary

Life seems beautiful and sometimes too painful. We cry out often at our miseries. We don't want to be poor. Everybody wants to be rich, Right?  And I have found my richness on diary. I read out richness everyday. I dream of Norway Lights and it requires huge money to be there. Though, I couldn't get there yet. But I believe that someday I will earn big and make it to Norway Lights. The most real Twinkling sight in the sky which are very rare. I want to have the glimpse of Norway Lights. I will sit down and capture the shining sight in the pure pages of my diary. They are also known as Aurora or Northern Lights, Polar Lights, Southern Lights. They are the natural light display in the Earth's sky. 

Norway Lights in my diary


Either Sad or Happy, keep a record

Your days are never same. Some are the initial days of sadness. Some are joyful weekends with your loved ones. Always keep a record of days. I will tell you why. When you are sad, you will get energy vibes after writing it down. When you are happy, it will double your happiness after writing down. When you move ahead in your life, you can look back and read your old pages of life. These are the flowing rivers of time. You can sit at the banks of the diary rivers and can touch & feel the blissful water waves of the pages by your hand.

 Banks of diary

Lost secret somewhere in the sunshine and sunset 

We all are counting days. We all are waiting for some events. In these days and nights, somewhere our secrets are lost within us. The hours between the sunshine and sunset attains the most of us. Secrets which can't be shared with anybody. Some secrets are so regretful and remorseful that you don't want to  share it with anybody. But this sustains within us. They are actually developing a void in all of us. You cannot live with this heavy secrets. You need to free yourself with this burden.  Let it go. Write it down on the pages so that you can evolve within yourself. It will relax you to the core. It will act as multi-dimensional self-healing within days of writing.


Secret diary


Whatever be the circumstances

Never give up

Pen down

Diary will never dishearten you 

You will emerge victorious always

Life may be hard

Diary keeping daily will evolve you from within

Transform you from within

Start writing down today 

Shift Yourself

Shine and be your own Sun 🌞



Memory from

Kind of Story

College Life


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Anuradha Thakur
Fri, 06/26/2020 - 12:10
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